They’re Gathering

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If you haven’t got your copy yet of second book They’re Gathering in Magic Wars Series by Chrys Phillips

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We will have more news of series soon!

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Magic Wars Video Diary

Hey everybody,i know it’s been while but Magic Wars and Chrys Phillips has been really busy this year with the books and now official website got Lakeview Diary of all characters! This is so cool! I love it, first its Miki, i enjoy watching it and i know you will too!

Check it out right here – >

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They’re Gathering..

Fans of series Read this post photo of They’re Gathering from Magic Wars Books!

They’re Gathering is out in 3 days, HALLOWEEN! 99 cents! Follow Chrys Phillips on Instagram @magicwars

Get ready for Halloween

Hey, are you ready for Halloween?
I know i am, get all dressed up, go trick or treat. Well something else is cooler that Magic Wars Books is launching second book They’re Gathering all over as eBook for 99 cents.

Now that is cool for spooky night, read all evil that has arrived in small town Lakeview. Wars are happening! Get your copy on 31st! Don’t won’t miss out!

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Halloween is around corner

Halloween is coming, are you ready for thousands of Soul-Catchers coming your way and steal your soul? Well, Well you might want to read They’re Gathering Book II in Magic Wars Books by Chrys Phillips. On 31st novel is out as eBook 99cents. Enjoy everyone! Happy Halloween

When you think you have a friend… think again! They may not be who you believe they are… A platoon of immortals known as soul-catchers have entered along View road into Lakeview… they are disguised and they are here for only one reason… to murder Zavier!

Horror and darkness has arrived with the presence and arrival of the black enchantress, Obeera! Her conjuring wild and demonic spells have not only given the soul-catchers a secret upper hand to annihilate Zavier forever but her powerful spell has also unleashed the wild beasts within Velvet Forest! Many wild and deadly creatures are breathing their malice to kill! What are the soul-catchers and Obee’ra after? Zavier is out numbered and the exquisite mermaid pearl, is sadly now under threat. Zavier would do anything to protect Pearl… even if it results to his own demise. Will Zavier survive the hordes of soul-catchers and save Pearl in time? In order to eradicate the soul-catchers and Obee’ra, it seems everyone may have to play for the same team…no matter who likes it or not! With her powers now stronger and developed, Miki might be the only chance to save her town, her world and earth against the evil that is reigning in Lakeview. Can she be the heroine this magic war needs?

The highly anticipated sequel to the series, They’re Gathering… continues as we follow the many lives, deaths, wars and loves of the magic wars characters both old and new!

They’re Gathering Book II

They’re Gathering book II part of Magic Wars Books Collection 

Chrys Phillips have released free chapters on her official site.  

I already read chapters, its got humor, action, evil, romance and drama so much more!  Magic is all around us, Evil is ready to take back what was theirs.  War will happen soon.  Is Zavier in danger? Will he survive from all enemies are going for him? Read now and eBook be out soon.  I will post more later.



Magic Wars Trailer 2013

Here, you can see all Magic, Romance and Evil that has arrived in Lakeview. Be ready for whats coming for you.. Magic Wars Series  

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Magic Is Around Us

Here is new fan made video for 8 novel series Magic Wars by Chrys Phillips

Are they ready to be a hero in Lakeview?

Are the teen girls ready to be a hero? Defend them self’s and Lakeview in Magic Wars Series

Miki can sense evil, use electrical current lightening, she ready to save everyone?


CJ power is Wind, her life is about to change forever.  


Will she save everyone?

Will Miki save everyone in Lakeview from evil that’s coming!  Her life will change forever.  

New poster of character Miki